About Sia


New blogger Sia here!

I am a student attending to a french high school in Ontario, Canada. Now, before you say anything, that doesn’t mean that I’ll only write French (maybe from time to time).

I decided to start writing blogs since I’m that type of person who thinks a lot but doesn’t speak their mind. Therefore, why not write it to the public? Unlike most bloggers that know what to write about I do not know what to write about. When I say that, I mean that I do not have a specific topic in my head yet. But because I am a high school student it might articles related to that or even examples of my school work and what grade came with the effort I gave. I do know that short stories will be posted since it is something that I write during my pass time. But anything can happen. I’ll write when my fingers starts typing by themselves.

As some of you might know my motto is “You can’t force creativity, be patient”. As simple as it is, it works. When I said be patient, I didn’t mean be lazy and wait for something to pop out of your head (even though it sometimes works). I really mean think in the simplest way possible step by step. Don’t get it yet? It’s basically like the instructions that your teacher gives you to write an essay, poem, short story… In my opinion, those instructions help me think little by little without racking my brains.

And I’m not afraid of getting criticized. Which means that if you have any suggestions on my blog or feel that I might of written something wrong OR EVEN A TYPO.

Well then, that’s all I have to say for now. See you later and hope you enjoy my blog!






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