Do your friends annoy you?

Let’s be honest, we all have annoying friends. Sometimes you have that friend that annoys you more than the others. By example, there is:

  • That friend that doesn’t message you back (and you can see that they’ve read your message);


  • That friend that purposely indicates that something is wrong but they don’t want to talk about it;


  • That friend that points out every wrong thing you do;


  • That friend that compliments everyone leaving you in a awkward position when you don’t give a compliment;


  • That friend that gets all the girls/boys (it can be annoying for some people);


  • That friend that plans something/say they will do something involving you and quits or doesn’t do it later;


  • That friend that falls in love with every girl/guy they see;


  • That friend that gets mad when you ask what’s wrong.


There are obviously a lot more type of friends than that but let’s get back to the main topic. I have a friend that acts like the 2nd, 4th, 6th, 7th and 8th type of annoying friends that I described earlier and that I will elaborate later. Now, you can all see why I’m writing about this. You see, when a friend is annoying you have to accept it. It is a part of their personality and it is in reality one of the things that makes them special. If something they do really bothers you, point it to them nicely or in way that the person won’t get offended. But honestly, if it doesn’t really annoy be glad that you have that person in your life because you never know what might happen in the future.

I have a little story about that one specific friend that I mentioned earlier who annoys me to the point that I get mad. Although, I don’t say anything since she gets offended really easily. Firstly, whenever I want to go somewhere, I don’t mind if she declines my offer seeing that I know she has things to do. However, whenever me or another friend declines an activity that she wants to do she claims that she does everything we ask her. Secondly, she is usually really happy and always smile and when she doesn’t act like her usual self and I ask if something’s wrong she should at least say that nothing is wrong or be happy that I care, right? Wrong. She gets mad at not only me but anyone else that asks. Yes, it can be annoying having a lot of people asking you questions but be glad that they care and don’t make an whole outburst about it. Thirdly, every time a cute guy talks to her or gives her somewhat any attention she gets a crush on him and suddenly thinks that he likes her. I know a lot of people are like that but blindly liking a person can make receiving rejection painful. Trust me, I’ve seen it. Fourthly, she quits certain things half way. By example, going to the gym. I don’t think I need to elaborate on that. She plans on going to the gym and says she doesn’t want to afterwards. Fifthly, she wanted to make a Youtube channel and we planned it for months and like or not I worked harder on organizing it. She kept pushing the date of the first shooting which obviously annoyed me a lot until today. She said she’s too be busy now to start and that made me more than furious in the inside. My message to all of you is if you want to start a business, a book or make a Youtube channel you have to dedicate your time to it 24/7 especially if you’re the one starting it.

Yes, like I said you should accept your friend the way they are but talk to them if something they do annoys you. I do not think the relationship with my friend will really continue or last any longer but that is a part of life.

Cherish the real friends that you have and they’ll  cherish you back.


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